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Shandong H.T-BAUER Water and Agricultural Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.
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In 2000, Shandong H.T-BAUER Water and Agricultural Machinery & Engineering Co,Ltd was set up as the 8th production base of Austrian BAUER globally in the high-tech zone in Jinan City, and also the 1st specialized Sino-foreign co-funded manufacturer of large irrigation equipments in China. Since the early phase of the company, we have committed ourselves to upgrading irrigation machines to make them better suitable in China while guaranteeing the quality of products. The enrichment from Medium-sized hose-reel irrigator, Small-sized hose reel irrigator to large Center Pivot Irrigation System witnesses our localization of research and development. Through a dozen years of unremitting efforts, H.T-BAUER has achieved stable and fast development. Our products precede on domestic market. And our brand has gained the first access to the national farm machinery subsidy after professional authentication. At present, our products have been spread to 27 provinces and cities including Taiwan throughout China, and exported to a dozen of countries, such as America, Australia, Holland, Peru, Poland, Ukraine, Cuba, Mongolia and so on. H.T-BAUER has adhered to the Austrian BAUER`s scientific corporate culture of [preciseness ", thus gained good reputation among users with regard of the technical research and development, the quality of products and the pre-sales and after-sales services.
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